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- Voted Looniest Costume at Duckon 7 -

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For a change I decided to do a recreation of my all time favorite cartoon character and Super Genius, None other than Wile E. Coyote himself! A tribute you might say, for all the smiles his creators at Warner Brothers have given to me in the past.


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A few pix of the finished FurSuit at Duckon 7. The far right picture is me at the Furry Variety Show about to get blown up by the 'ol exploding xylophone trick :)

I was really surprised at the positive reaction I got from the costume at Duckon, in typical artist fashion I expected everyone to notice all the little flaws, I certainly didn't expect to be greeted by children and others who weren't even with the convention.. Maybe I should have picked a less known character to do... As a result I really tried to watch what I did so as to not give Wile E. a bad name or anything..

The Mask

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Once again, a plastic mesh style mask with the muzzle and cheek pieces attached.

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Next the fur was attaches, and the ears made (see below) as well as the eyebrow piece. The eye pieces themselves were made from a plastic shampoo bottle, painted to the desired colors, then sewn in place.

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The addition of lips and a nose and he's just about complete, I still needed to fit the ears in this pic so they'd stand out straight.. For the nose I used some Sculpey (it's a type of clay you can bake in your oven) Formed it, baked it, sanded, then painted it a nice gloss black.

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Here's a close up of the ear pieces, not shown is the wire frame used to keep them straight..


The Paws

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I started out with making a set of claws out of an off the shelf brand of clay called Sculpey, I pre-made the holes for the thread to go thru before baking them..


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The hand paw pieces, for the palms I used a thin suede leather, sewed everything inside out to hide the seams. Then added the Sculpey claws for the final touch.


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These were actually the second try at the footpaws, the first ones were OK but just didn't look right so I went back to the drawing board and came up with another design based on one of my  Wile E. Plushies. when put together I punched an elastic cord thru the fur, when stuffed with filler the elastic gave the illusion of toes... Worked out very well!


The Body


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Here's the finished body suit, I made it by using a modification of my basic fursuit patterns, the modifications were mainly in the knee, chest and shoulder areas.


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To compensate for my gut I made a chest underpeice to give our 'yote friend his characteristic puffed out chest.. made out of a couple of tee shirts with the usual stuffing..


Notes from Duckon 7

The whole costume seemed to held up very well, I only lost one foot claw due to my rush to get the costume done in time, fortunately I made a few spares for just such an emergency..


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