Vulper is a black and gray Fox I met on FurryMuck. Guess he liked my work so he commissioned me to bring him to the real world... I'm finding it a challenge as I know how Wolves look quite well, however, I don't know much about Foxes in general, so I scoured the net to find pictures of Foxes in various poses to give me something to go by. Here's what I've got done so far.


The Mask:

First I started by getting a few measurements... Once the numbers were e-mailed to me I began construction. Here's what I've gotten done so far.

{Click on any image to see full sized}

The mask is constructed from the same plastic mesh material used for BigBadWoolf and is very similar in design. A few improvements have been added such as larger head straps, BBW's were too small and didn't hug my head good enough to allow me to move the mask around very much..


With the ears and cheek pieces completed I took a look at it all to see if it looked right. Put in the fan in the muzzle then started on fitting all the fur to the mask.


vlpmkf1.jpg (29362 bytes)vlpmkf2.jpg (30505 bytes)vlpmkf3.jpg (29391 bytes)vlpmkf4.JPG (37003 bytes)vlpmkf5.jpg (29022 bytes)

Next I cut the base fur for the mask, and sewed it all together, if your careful enough you can do it without seeing any sign of a seam..

The Paws:

vlprhand.jpg (60499 bytes)vlprfeet.jpg (70338 bytes)

Next I made the hands and feet, using the same design as BBW v2's. the fur was shaved to get the ruffles.

The Body:

vlpr1.jpg (68786 bytes)vlpr3.jpg (70261 bytes)vlpr2.jpg (65449 bytes)vlpr4.jpg (67687 bytes)

The body was next constructed. I added the white ruffles along the inside of the arms and legs after I put the black fur all together, it just looked like it needed something extra and I had some scrap left so. The tail uses longer black fur along with the long white fur to give it a fluffier appearance.


And there you have it, my first commission.. I estimate it took me about 6 months to complete this one and had a lot of fun doing it as well.. Going to look forward to my next commission..