The Mask

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Here is the completed mask, its got all my latest innovations tucked neatly under the fur. Was really happy with the way this one came out, its defiantly my best version of my BBW costume so far.

Below are some pix of the masks construction including the animatronics and the computer systems. Used a v3 cooler in this which really worked great, a little added thing I popped in is a LED battery meter mounted just above the eyes inside the mask so I can tell how much suit time I have left.



- Here we have the ear mech, I decided to make the thing more modular, in this design the ears can swivel back and fourth as well as go up and back, allowing the ears to move along 2 axis.


 - Here's the eyebrow mech, this will be mounted to the forehead of the mask and covered with a bit of mesh, see the pictures below.


 - The last module is the smile and snarl effects, this part fits in the muzzle on top of the upper set of teeth.


- The mask is coming along here, the eyebrow and smile/snarl effects are mounted, Before doing all that I added in some supports to the mask itself, as always its just coat hangers sewn over the mesh itself. One thing I started doing with this is to coat the coat hanger wire with a good coating of Rustolium paint, some of my older masks the wire started to rust out from the salt in the wearers sweat.


- moving along here you see the ear mechs have been added as well as the forehead piece to complete the eyebrow mech. This time instead of using a servo to make the talking jaw mech I went with the mechanical one I've been slowly perfecting over the years. I also blackened the inside of the eyes to make it harder for people to see inside it.


 - What a mess!! this is the wiring for the computer and power systems. As with my other animatronic suit I used a BASIC Stamp to power the animatronics and my new and improved crystal. At this point everything works on the mask, just a bit of neatening up to do now.




- A side view of the mask, here the thing is pretty much complete and ready for the fur to be added, at this point I gave the animatronics a last test before I proceeded any further.



-  A rear view of the mask, the first picture shows the computer and servo controller, the second shows the power distribution board, in order to save on weight I decided to power the whole thing on 2, 7.2v rechargeable RC batteries, wired in series to give the mask 14.4v to run the fans with, then I split the voltage to 9v for the computer and one more 1.5v line for the animatronics control switches.


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