The Paws

I Had a lot of fun making these, tried to get them to look as much as real paws as I could, came pretty close too! :)

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v2paw1.jpg (32634 bytes)

I started on the paws by cutting the pieces for the hind paws, for the paw pads I used thin soft leather, and a thicker piece for the souls of the footpaws.

v2paw2.jpg (24608 bytes)v2paw3.jpg (27431 bytes)v2paw4.jpg (26815 bytes)
v2paw6.jpg (11363 bytes)

The paw pads were sewn in place, as with the rest of the suit I sewn them in from behind to hide the stitching. The paw pads were cut a little larger than the holes in the base fur, care had to be observed when sewing in the pads so I didn't make any wrinkles or sew them in crooked.


v2paw7.jpg (15401 bytes)v2paw8.jpg (26910 bytes)v2paw9.jpg (20112 bytes)

I then dyed the pieces for the toes and the top of the footpaw. Everything was sewn inside out then the claws were added as a finishing touch. Just before sewing the paws to the body of the fursuit I put in some padding in the paw pads to puff them put some.

v2paw10.jpg (23796 bytes)

Finally I made the padding for the rest of the inside of the paw, I made little pillows so I could remove them and wash them when necessary without having to wash the whole thing. It made it a little more complicated to get my feet into the paws a minor drawback...

v2paw11.jpg (31234 bytes)v2paw12.jpg (29858 bytes)v2paw14.JPG (24871 bytes)v2paw15.jpg (22497 bytes)

Next the pieces for the forepaws were cut and dyed in pretty much the same manner as the hindpaws.