The Version 2 Cooling System:


Anyone who's been in a FurSuit would agree on one thing, THEIR HOT!!! So much so that one must limit one's time in them or suffer the effects of heat exaustion. In my earlier costumes they've allways included at least one fan, mounted in the muzzle and blowing towards the face as a fresh air supply. In BBW v2 I added another fan to the back of the mask to get a little more air inside. Dispite the size of the fan (and it was a big one too!) it still wasn't enough to really make a difference. In the year since then I worked out another much more effecient way to cool the interior of a mask and here it is.

kcooling1.jpg (56465 bytes)kcooling2.jpg (57930 bytes)

To start I got a blower type fan from Radio Shack, it's rather small at 9cfm but seems enough for what I want to do, would have been more comfortable with a larger fan but....

Next I went out and purchaced several diameters of flexable plastic tubing, avalible at any hardware store and tested each of the 3 sizes I got to see what would work the best, I found that the larger diameter tubing seemed to allow more airflow from the blower so for the core of the system I used 5/8in OD tubing arranged as seen above.

kmask2.jpg (48438 bytes)kmask3.jpg (47543 bytes)

Using a single peice of 5/8in tubing I sewn it into the top of the mask. For good measure I added two smaller 1/4in peices of tubing running from the sides of the face and around the ear.

kcooling3.jpg (46412 bytes)

Once set in place I took my generic dremel tool and drilled a series of   holes into the tubing, these were placed to aim the air into the mask in such a way so that just about the whole thing would get a fresh supply of air provided by the rear mounted blower fan. To connect all the tubing to the blower I made a gromet out of   some rubber I had laying around, just cut and shaped it to fir the opening od the fan, then carved holes into it for the tubing. To top it all off I sealed the tubing into the gromet with some clear silicon.



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