The Body

This part took me the longest to do, I couldn't seem to find the right length of fur in the color I wanted so I just bought some white fur and dyed it myself. Coming up with the methods to do it was quite a task, and I'm not sure if I'd want to ever have to do it again, but it was an experience I won't soon forget!

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v2fur1.JPG (7155 bytes)

For the first time ever I decided to use patterns to cut the leg, arms, and body pieces, as of this writing I still haven't put the pieces together to see if it all fits right, but it looks like it'll be comfortable.. I got the patterns on sale at the local fabric store. it was originally some Halloween costume, I adapted it for my use.

v2fur2.jpg (10453 bytes)v2fur5.jpg (9609 bytes)v2fur6.jpg (10079 bytes)v2fur7.jpg (9322 bytes)

Here's all the pieces just before being dyed, maybe next time I'll just make a white wolf, it'd be easier!

v2dye4.JPG (9609 bytes)v2dye7.jpg (11881 bytes)v2dye6.jpg (10460 bytes)v2fur9.jpg (12251 bytes)

The fur dyeing was a major part of this FurSuit. took me over five months to complete all the pieces to my satisfaction. The chest piece was done a little differently than the rest, for that I used my first method of coloring fur.. Click Here to see the section on dyeing fur to see all that was involved.

v2fsuit5.JPG (26210 bytes)v2fsuit2.jpg (30078 bytes)v2fsuit3.jpg (29976 bytes)
v2fsuit6.JPG (27154 bytes)v2fsuit4.jpg (24770 bytes)

Using my sewing machine I then reversed sewed the arms, legs, body and chest pieces, the tail was also sewn together at this point, to see the tail mech Click Here. The chest piece was sewn in on one side, and had Velcro on the other edge to seal it shut. Finally the paws were sewn in and the body was complete!

Notes from CF9

There was only two design flaws with this FurSuit. The biggest one was the Velcro I used, it didn't stick together very well and I kept inadvertently exposing myself.. At the con I hit a fabric store near the hotel and got some hook fasteners and did a real quick repair job which held up fairly well. At a later date I'll sew in a zipper to the inside of the chest pieces which will clear the problem up completely.

The other Flaw, though it really wasn't one was in the paws, I designed them with stepping in an occasional wet spot but I hadn't prepared for the slurpy wet pool area they had the photo shoot and FurSuit Dance. Fortunately for me the paint in the fur made it for the most part waterproof so nothing was stained. The padding I used in the hindpaws however soaked up a lot of water... One fun part about it was that I was leaving some large wet paw prints all over the hotel :)