How to make a Plastic Mesh Mask

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Step 17:

hjmask23s.JPG (10114 bytes)

Once your fairly sure you don't need to get to anything in the frame of the mask you can sew the fur to the mask. Don't use too many stitches, just enough to keep the fur in place. Be sure to brush the fur out along the places you sew, you've come too far to mess it up now! :)


Step 18:

hjmask21s.JPG (7642 bytes)hjmask20s.JPG (7540 bytes)hjmask18s.JPG (8636 bytes)hjmask19s.JPG (5737 bytes)hjmask22s.JPG (7646 bytes)

Do a chicken have lips? No, but fursuit masks do! I use some thin suede leather to make my masks lips. The other side of the suede has a nice natural grain to it, works really well for lips. First start off by sewing the leather strip to the edge of the muzzle with the suede side out. When sewn all around you then flip the leather strip over so the back is facing out, then sew along the same line you just made. Let the needle peek out as close to the outer side of the lip as possible, when done the lip will puff out slightly and cover the stitches if you did it right.


Step 19:

hjmask33s.JPG (7648 bytes)

Getting close now, all that needs to be done is make and attach the lower jaw to the mask. If I made this mask a talking one I would have sewn lips on this piece before attaching it to the mask, makes things a little easier.. When you get the lower jaw in place put the mask on and make sure you can fit it on easy, if you need to trim the inner edge of the piece so you can slip the mask on and off easily.


Step 20:

hjmask16s.JPG (10938 bytes)hjmask17s.JPG (10380 bytes)

All that's left now is to do the final touches, adding things such as hats, earrings, or whatever your character calls for. Also at this point I get the neck all fixed up, putting larger snaps where the middle white piece meets the red pieces.. Also at this time you can add things like whiskers and perhaps a touch or two with the airbrush here and there.



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