How to make a Plastic Mesh Mask

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Step 13:

hjmask29s.JPG (11699 bytes)hjmask30s.JPG (10164 bytes)

For eyes I've been using this screen material which I paint to the desired color, once the screens are dry sew them in place. This step should be done towards the very end of construction as to not damage the screens while fiddling around with something else.


Step 14:

hjmask28s.JPG (10386 bytes)

Using a sharpie I colored in the pupils of the eyes. Before I sewed the fur down I also got the nose all set up.  The nose I made, seen below, fit into a slit cut in the tip of the mesh in the muzzle.


Step 15:

hjmask27s.JPG (10312 bytes)

The eyebrow and nose pieces completed and ready to be put into the mask, The nose was made out of Sculpey, a popular and easy to use modeling clay, I have an old toaster over I use to bake the stuff with, if you bake this stuff indoors, make sure you have plenty of ventilation, the fumes aren't very good for ya at all!


Step 16:

hjmask24s.JPG (10359 bytes)hjmask26s.JPG (10445 bytes)hjmask25s.JPG (11528 bytes)

The ears always give me a hard time, here you can see the ones I came up for HJ, a rather simple design using plastic mesh on the inside to give them strength. The hardest part of the mask in my opinion is putting on the ears, I often have to redo one before I get them even. To be honest I have no useful advice on this part except that you just gotta take your time and stop every once and a while and look at it to be sure you got everything even..



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