How to make a Plastic Mesh Mask

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Step 9: (optional)

hjmask38s.JPG (9880 bytes)hjmask36s.JPG (8740 bytes)hjmask40s.JPG (14949 bytes)hjmask34s.JPG (10321 bytes)hjmask35s.JPG (8764 bytes)

You can skip this part if you don't feel like making a v2 cooler for your mask, I just thought it'd be nice to add the pix to give you an idea of what's involved..

After the v2 cooler was all in place I made a little piece to fit overtop of the hoses. This is where the hat will be attached to, the coat hanger wire reinforcement will keep the hat from flopping around.


Step 10:

hjmask41s.JPG (9225 bytes)hjmask42s.JPG (11414 bytes)

Now begins the fun part, furring out the mask! I never really use any patterns, just sorta make the pieces as I go along. Here you see the back of the mask and the face piece. Use a sharpie to mark down the center of your pieces, use this mark to line up with the center line marks you made on your mask earlier. If you look back in step 6 you will notice markings on the mask, these were drawn on so I can get the shape of the fur easier.


Step 11:

hjmask52s.JPG (9778 bytes)hjmask50s.JPG (9463 bytes)hjmask51s.JPG (10641 bytes)hjmask49s.JPG (8408 bytes)

Don't be afraid to experiment and get fancy with your fur. The edges of HJ's cheeks are pretty fluffy so I sewed in a thin strip of very long fur between the front and back cheek pieces. You can also see the type of stitching I use to join pieces of fur together with, it's an ordinary chain stitch sewn rather tightly together. Try to sew on the very edge, using as little fur as possible to get a good clean seam. Use your fingers to push the fur on both sides to the insides before you place your stitch as well, it'll save you hours of deseaming! Notice on the pictures you can't see any fur at all on the inside of the seam. One other bit of advice I can give you is to try to think out your design before you start, try to make it with as little seams as possible, this will give your work much more of a professional look to it.


Step 12:

hjmask31s.JPG (13719 bytes)hjmask32s.JPG (8212 bytes)

After all the pieces are sewn together and fitted properly it's time to work on the eyes. With the fur in place, take a sharpie and mark the insides of the eye holes you cut earlier, then carefully cut the fur around the lines you just made.



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