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A Few links to some interesting FurSuit sites I've found while searching thru the web for supplies and ideas.

General Fursuit/Costume related pages:

Torrle the Wolf's Page - Take a look at the FurSuit he made, also has some more examples of a plastic mesh mask.

WereWuf's Den's Costume Page - Lots of costuming stuff, plenty of links too!

Super Jay's Gargoyle Den - Examples of Make-up, Construction How-To's, Links... Nice page.

The Costumers Manifesto - Great costuming page, has a rather complete history of costuming from
                                                      ancient times to present. Far to much more to list in this little description!


Fursuit Supplies:

Fake Fur Index from The Fashiondex - Has plenty of places to buy fake Fur.

Hancock Fabrics Fake Fur - Fake fur page from Hancock Fabrics on-line catalogue.

McMaster-Carr Supply Company - Cool place to get electronic and other misc parts.

Jameco Electronics - On-line catalogue, lots of electronics supplies.

Digi-Key - On-Line catalogue, general electronics supply company.

Scott Edwards Electronics - Great place for Stamp and Servo controllers.

Parallax Inc. - Makers of the Basic Stamp, has complete specs and latest information on their product line.

Gateway Electronics - General Electronics supply company.

Mondo-tronics' Robot Store - Source for Memory Wire and Servo equipment.

Effective Engineering - Great source for Servo and Servo controllers.

RobotBooks.Com - Large seller of books related to Robotics (including robotics, electronics, mechanics, ect) Suppliers page - Links to Taxidermy supplies from all over the net.

WASCO--Wildlife Artist Supply Company  - Great place to get noses, teeth, ect...

Jonas Supply - One of the best Taxidermy supply stores!

Marilyn Costumes - Don't think you can make your own? This place has over 1,500 mascot type costumes for sale!

eBay -  Yes, you can find quite a few costumes for sale at this online auction house, click on the link and see what's there now!


Costume/FurSuit related Conventions:

Anthrocon - One of the biggest Furry conventions on the east coast, you'd be sure to see me about at this one!

Costume Con - General Costuming convention, one of the biggest costume related conventions.

Midwest Furfest - Furry Convention held in Chicago, strong costuming track.




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