The Paws:


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A cross between BBW v2's and Wile E's paws I used a technique I used of sewing leather "inside out" so to speak that I did for Vulper's nose. I tried to get padded pawpads on BBW v2 and Vulper but failed on both attempts. I think I got it right this time..

khand1.jpg (52975 bytes)khand2.jpg (29059 bytes)

Here you see on the left the palm pieces for the hands and on the right the fur pieces and padding which the reed switches to control the animatronics with.

kfoot7.jpg (51554 bytes)kfoot9.jpg (30514 bytes)kfoot8.jpg (29302 bytes)kfoot10.jpg (28371 bytes)

The pieces for the bottoms of the feet. If interested I added a little how to on how I did the padded pawpads below.. Read on.

Also shown is the fur pieces used. you'll notice there's two pictures of the fur. The second design looks much nicer as it has less seams, I also got some better fur than the stuff I originally used, took a couple extra days to re-do them but it was worth it.

kfoot5.jpg (51088 bytes)

The pink leather was a little too pink for my tastes so I dyed the base pieces with a very diluted yellow, I think it looks a little better..

kfoot6.jpg (50049 bytes)

Next I marked the back of the leather where the pawpads would go.

kfoot13.jpg (48149 bytes)

On my other fursuits I notices that the feet would flop about quite a bit as I walked, to fix that I made a simple sandal out of the paw using a few scrap strips I have about.

kfoot12.jpg (59032 bytes)

To keep the claws in place I mounted them into the foam for the toes, cutting a slit in the center of the front and sewing the claws into the foam. Turned out to be very sturdy this way.

kfoot11.jpg (52492 bytes)

Here you see an early version of the foot as I was seeing how everything fit.

A note on how to figure out what size to make the markings: as a rule of thumb I'd make a pattern out of paper, then trace this on the leather, on the foot you should make another line inside making it 1/8in shorter than the pattern, for the pads you should make them 1/8in larger than the pattern, this will give you some room to get the pads to puff out. You should also mark at least 2 reference lines on the back side of the pads and main piece to let you know if your sewing them evenly.

kfoot1.jpg (48617 bytes)kfoot2.jpg (42569 bytes)kfoot3.jpg (52154 bytes)kfoot4.jpg (50695 bytes)

Starting from one of the reference lines the pad's sewn to the face side with the face of the pad on the face of the foot piece. If you try this yourself take care to get as close to the reference lines on the back as possible, otherwise you'll be able to see the thread and it'll look uneven.

As I contained around I found that I had to try to keep the spacing and made sure I didn't stretch the leather or I ended up with bulges in the pads. At about the 3/4 mark I then stuffed the pads with the usual stuffing material, then completed the pad. The worse part of the whole thing is the last few stitches, fishing around from the inside with a needle is rather tedious, but the result is quite good, defiantly worth the effort!



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