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Since about 1978 I've been making costumes for my own amusement, FurSuits in general though at the time I didn't even know it. None of the earlier costumes were any good at all, but it gave me a little experience in working with fake fur. Thankfully very few pictures of my earlier attempts exist.

Here's some examples of my work. Click on the buttons to see them.

One of my earlier creations, created in 1986 for a Halloween party.
Winner Best in Journeyman Class at Duckon 6, detailed examples of it's construction.
bbw2btn.jpg (15578 bytes) An update to the above FurSuit. Completed just in time for ConFurance 9 
My first commission.
A recreation of my favorite cartoon character. 
keesarbts.JPG (7474 bytes) Another commission, Keesar's a half Lion half Fox.
A recreation of my favorite fox from the Disney cartoon Pinocchio.
keesarbts.JPG (7474 bytes) Was thinking of doing this one myself, but someone commissioned me to do it first.
This was an experimental costume as well as a revisit to the past.
A commissioned piece of a mudslide style costume. 
Fox in the House!! Fox in the House!!! (commission) 
Just the mask and a set of paws, this mask includes my newest version talking muzzle and my new v3 cooling system. 
Took me a while to get this one done but I finally did it!
Finally got to do a whole Polar Bear suit, though this one isn't complete yet here's what it looked like for AC'01
Part Lion part Tiger this Tiglons body was a LOT of work with its hand sewn stripes!
This will most likely be my last recreation, too much clothes making in this one!
After my last few suits I took a break and tried to work out the talking muzzles on my masks, this is the first of the new design. Took me long enough but this wolf is one of my best works.
A spandex Dino costume, when I talked about this with Kaa it seemed so easy.. HA! :)
BBW v2 was getting pretty raggedy after 5 years, has it really been that long? This is the latest version of my BBW character and  is by far my best work to date, complete with reworked animatronics and control systems. Kudos to Fastclaw for the great fur that really made the costume turn out so well! This one is still under construction.

Fursuitn.jpg (53574 bytes)

If your interested in commissioning me to make a FurSuit for you, give a click here to get an idea on how much it'll cost you..

Just a few helpful hints to give both armatures and professionals some ideas on fursuit construction. Any comments or corrections are appreciated!

howto_2.JPG (128522 bytes)  

How to Dye Acrylic and Modacrylic Fur - Next to impossible to do, but where there's a will there's a way!

Alternate Fur Coloring Method - A little more work, gives you much more freedom in design.

How to make a Tail Mech (one way anyhow) - Inspired by a childhood game, this is a somewhat animated Tail.

How to make a Plastic Mesh Mask -  Detailed pictures of my construction techniques.

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