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here's a scan from the video for reference

Aaaah, another recreation. This time I've decided to bring to life one of favorite bad guys, Honest John. The crafty fox who attempted to lead poor little Pinocchio astray in the Disney animated classic. This one will be a little different than most of my FurSuits as it won't have a full body suit to it as John is a rather smartly dressed fox.

At this point in time I have all the materials and am well on my way to getting this one done, click on the links below if you'd like to see what I have done so far.


The Mask - Yet another Plastic mesh mask, this one includes a new improvement, the addition of coat hanger wire to sure up the mask and make it much more rigid.

The Paws - Well, only the feet really as HJ wears gloves.

The Clothing - Haven't got this far yet, check back later..



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