The Paws:

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Here's the materials that went into making HJ's paws. Came up with a new design for these, if you'll notice the two outer toes are one piece. Cuts out the seam at the back of the heel (I hate seams!!) but is much harder to do this way, your measurements have to be pretty close to dead on or the fabric will be bunched up, or even worse won't fit all the way around. Not shown are the claws, for these I used the same 'ol cheep Halloween witches fingernails. 



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Here you see the completed paws. At this point in time I have still yet to add the black pads to the bottoms, waiting till I get the clothes finished so I can get the alignment of the pads right. Since HJ's toes are not furred I decided to use Wool for them, gives it that fuzzy look and yet still looks like skin in a way. Wish I could have found the stuff in a little darker shade of tan but they turned out nice anyhow.



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