The Clothing:


Here's a little on the construction of the clothes.  For the collar and cuffs I just went out and got an XXL shirt and ripped off the sleeves. I also bought the gloves from a costume shop, their very cheep and I think I'll redo them eventually..


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hjclothes3s.JPG (4729 bytes)hjclothes6s.JPG (7608 bytes)hjclothes4s.JPG (5155 bytes)

I used modified patterns to make the pants, vest and cape.


hjclothes2s.JPG (6376 bytes)

Here you see the pieces of the cloak.


hjclothes1s.jpg (14522 bytes)

I couldn't find any buttons the size I needed so I used Cover Buttons, with these you pick your own fabric and with the supplied press you stick the front and back pieces together. Works pretty good.


hjhats.JPG (12607 bytes)

For the hat I used a plastic mesh frame, it was a little tough to get it to bend the way I wanted it to. I might mess with it at a later date and see if I can get it the way I want it..




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