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Cyran is a Tiglon, that's a part Tiger part Lion type of a critter, and for a change one in which someone actually sent me concept drawings to work off. A commissioned piece I decided to take on the matter of the stripes in a different then usual manner. Their actually sewn into the suit, the details of which are in the little FAQ I made up, Click Here to check it out.

This is defiantly one of my best works, both myself and TigerCowboy, the one who commissioned it, were pleased with the way it turned out! This one has my top of the line paws (seen Here, and Here), Talking muzzle and v3 cooler and NFT mane fur, the body itself has 6 different types of fur on it, took me a week of 14hr days to sew in all the stripes to get this FurSuit done in time for AC'01. The owner of the suit has accessorized a little in the above picture, many possibilities afford itself with this FurSuit. 



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