Commission Information

At this time I am accepting commissions. Terms are as follows

1. A down payment of half of the cost of the FurSuit is required in advance. Payment may be in Cash, Money Order, Personal Check, or Credit Card via PayPal.

2. This down payment is NON REFUNDABLE! I use the money to purchase materials. That way if someone decides to back out, I'm not out anything..

3. I would like a photo/drawing/sculpture/ect of the character you wish brought to life. I'm not very good at dreaming up a character, I work much better when I have a guide to go by.

4. When the costume is finished the remainder of the payment will be required before I release your new FurSuit to you...


OK enough about the terms.. Now lets get to the costs. (Prices listed in US Dollars)

Basic FurSuit (something like BBW v1, includes off the shelf fur in choice of color, Mask with muzzle mounted battery operated cooling fan, and full body suit.) - $600

v2 style paws (includes leather pawpads in hands and feet) - add $75 ($125 for hand paws alone)

All Leather on bottom of hindpaws (Swede or leather) - add $75 ($150 for the foot paws alone)

Air Brush detailing - add $50+ (depends on how detailed you want it...)

Custom Colored fur - add $500 and 4 months minimum to construction time.

Special Order Fur - dependant on type and cost of the fur.

v2 style tail (with articulated tail mech) - add $100

Extra cooling fan (may not fit in all masks) - add $100 for a v3 cooler, $150 for a v2 cooler (includes 2 7.2v batteries and chargers)

Articulated Jaw - (includes professional quality jaw set) add $100

Special Electronics (blinking eyes, moving ears, ect) - Price dependant on complexity of  the desired effects as well as my ability to make the effect.

Anything else I missed is negotiable, I'm open to just about any suggestions so don't be afraid to ask!


For inquiries please e-mail me at

Prices are subject to change without notice and are dependant on cost and availability of materials.

I assume no liability for any use or misuse of any of my costumes, the user assumes any and all responsibility.