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This started out as a simple commission I put up for the AAC2k charity auction, after contacting the guy who it was for he decided to get a mask off of me as well. This was the fastest commission I ever completed, finished the paws and mask in a little over a week, took me 4 days to do the mask alone! I thought it was a real accomplishment as the mask included a new style talking muzzle mech and my newest in mask cooling systems.

The Mask 

This was the fastest I ever made a mask. From start to finish it took me 4 days. Here you see my progress after only one day, I was a little impressed with myself with how far I had gotten in such a short time. On the back is the new fan used with my new v3 cooling system. It's much thinner then the fan I have used in the past which makes it much easier to hide.


After the second day the mesh part of the mask was complete, including a new style talking muzzle mech. I had been thinking about something like this ever since BBWv2's two piece talking muzzle. This method worked well but was a little of a pain to wear, especially if the strap for the lower jaw slipped off my head! With this design the lower jaw is part of the mask, for the pivots I used ordinary large sized snaps, worked perfectly. To make the jaw close I used two pieces of elastic attached to the face of the mask, I thought the elastic I used was a little too hard to make move, I'll have to work the bugs out of this in my next one..


It took me another two days to make the fur covering for the mesh skull of the mask. overall I was pleased with the outcome, though I wish I would have had a little more time to play with it.. (it was a rush job, wasn't sure I'd get it done in time...)


The Paws

These were what started the whole thing. I volunteered my services to make a custom set of paws for the AC2k Charity auction. They were supposed to be just me standard set but I had a new design idea in mind so I used leather for the palms, I like how they turned out.


Here's the hindpaws and another new design, still have a little tweaking to do on this one I think.


And there you have it, put a lot of hours in it but it was a good way to spend the one week lull I had while I quit one job to accept another (no, I don't make FurSuits for a living, I fix computers...) Stay tuned though, there's more to come!



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