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This one has been a long time coming, BBW v2 had just started to fall apart on me and the paint I used to dye the fur black had started flaking off. Since Monterey Mills had finally came out with black fur I figured it was time for v3.

Using all the things I've learned over the last few years of FurSuit making this is defiantly my best work yet. Updated animatronics and my newest design talking mech are but two of the features packed into this costume.

 The Mask - As with all my masks this one is a plastic mesh mask, included are pix of the animatronics, power and cooling systems.

 The Paws - Getting good at doing leather paws now, these are my most complex yet!

 The Body - Kudos to my bro Fastclaw for hooking me up with the great brown/black fur,  wish I could find more of this stuff!



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