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-- --- Winner at ConFurance 9 --- --

In the Advanced Class
3rd place in Best Original Design
3rd place in Best use of Materials

-- --- Winner at MidWest FurFest 1 --- --

Best in Master Class
Technical award, Best use of materials.

Here's the steps in the construction of my second attempt at my FurryMuck Character BigBadWolf (he had a name change on the muck, dropped an "o")

I was able to take my time with this one, started in July of '97 after I got back from AAC  and finished during ConFurance 9 (once again, finished at the last min.) I has a lot of fun making this one, sure took up a lot of my time!

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Here's a few shots of me in the final product at ConFurance 9. For CF I had a change of diet, instead of little pigs I took to eating Barney instead and MmmMmmm, did he taste good :)

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How he was made.

This was the most complex Fursuit I ever attempted, I took a lot of pix of it's construction and have them broken into 3 categories...

The Mask - Using a hybrid of a Plastic Mesh mask, here's detailed steps in it's construction.

The Paws - More detailed pictures documenting the steps in the construction of the paws.

The Body - All the steps in the construction of the main body and attaching all the pieces together, also some notes from the first test of the FurSuit at CF9.



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