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Everyone's favorite Rabbit, I had actually thought of making this one for myself but someone commissioned me to do it first. Finished this one for the most part at AC, pretty much as promised, and by the skin of my teeth!


The Mask:

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Here's the beginnings of the mesh part of the mask, also seen in the pic on the right are the holder for the Client's lenses, there were designed so the lenses are removable for easy cleaning, or of someone else wore the mask that didn't have the same prescription as fella the mask is owned by now..


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The cheek pieces, these were sewn into the cylinder up above..


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I didn't want the ears to flop around so I reinforced the top of the head quite a lot, after I was done the top part is almost as strong as a helmet!


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Here you see the framework for the ears, later I put a mesh backing to these similar to the cheek pieces before I furred the ears out..


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Here's the finished mask, well, almost finished.. The fur still needs to be sewn down to the mesh in this shot.. Getting there though!


The Paws:

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The materials used in the construction of the feet. Not shown is the foam inserts that go inside. I didn't have that done yet when I snapped this shot.

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And here you see the completed footpaws. I used a scan from the opening to the Cartoon Network's Bugs and Daffy show for the model of these paws... There was one major problem with the classic Warner brothers Bugs, ya see, the bottoms of his feet are white! Well that would have lasted about 5 seconds of actual use so I went with a gray foot bottom (used leather as is usual for my hindpaws.). I still have to put in the little circular pawpads on these. I need to mix the leather dye to get the right color however.




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